Having the pleasure of taking two weeks off over Christmas gave me time to sit back and consider just how lucky we really are to work and live in Australia. But to realise this I first noted how I had wrapped up 2011. I was in a race to finish up everything in time for holidays. Every morning getting off the train and simply floating through the city each morning. I realised as it was a new year it was time to stop taking the little things for granted. Relating to this I had noticed tourists in the city taking photos of what I have never even acknowledged.

The worst part of it all was as I stood back and acknowledged the fast pace everyone walked at, a large number of people didn’t look overly happy. Perhaps it was the thought of getting back to work after holidays or just that there isn’t too many morning people around – including myself. But in a country where we have everything we could want, and most of us have been holidaying at some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, surfing or sunbaking. In a country where we are blessed with endless choices for any career path how do so many people look so dissatisfied.

Spoilt for choice with the career path we want to take in Australia I found it frustrating to see just how unsatisfied some commuters looked walking to work. Without being hypocritical I know for certain I am not the happiest morning person but I got thinking why it seems so many people work in a job that they do not get satisfaction from when it takes up the majority of our life.

So commonly I have heard in 2012, new year, new job. But instead of new job perhaps we should all take a deeper look at what makes us happy and turn it into our career. New year, new career, or even just a new outlook. A chance to stop racing to work, racing through the day and through the week and acknowledge how lucky we really are. If you want work to be work and just to get you through, what can you do inside of your week to be making a difference? Australian’s are in a position where we can actually make a difference. If you love your job, how can you help others enjoy theirs? Share your knowledge and love for the job.

If you are in need of the new career, speak to a consultant about how we can help you get there. It is not just about getting into a new job but about how you can design your future and what you love doing.

Cara Stagg – Consultant

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