I was having a positive discussion with Ben Walsh, General Manager of Optimum Recruitment – Qld, and we were discussing my first two years with Optimum – what the future holds, and more importantly, what one can do to mould and sculpt it!

I worked for another recruitment company for close to four years prior to joining the team here at Optimum, and we were discussing the benefits of receiving structured training from your first day as a Recruitment Consultant and building a beneficial recruitment methodology and platform from that training. I then spoke of the benefits of building upon that platform and developing genuine Business Consulting skills from there; This where I paid tribute to Optimum Recruitment, because since joining this business I have been able to learn from some highly skilled Consultants. I have developed and fine-tuned my business consulting skills and improved my recruitment methodology and processes with the view to become a Business Consultant therefore resulting in being a trusted advisor to the clients and candidates I work with.

An example of this is the relationship I have with a leading global engineering firm. What initially started off as a one-off placement with this firm, has turned in to a consultative engagement where the Chief Information Officer provides me with transparency and regular internal updates. I am then able to provide him with advice and direction on the best way to manage the recruitment process on multiple roles; ranging from technical IT roles to administrative roles and management roles. Ultimately this has lead to a successful, win-win working relationship – and for me, moving from a Recruitment Consultant to a Business Consultant.

It is when I look back over the past two years and take in all that has happen – all that has failed, all that has succeeded and the personal and professional growth as a result of everything – I realise that everything in life comes down to drive, perseverance, passion and a commitment to succeed, through whatever is here is to challenge oneself. In reality, there is no such thing as “good” or “bad”. There is just simply what happens – you CHOOSE what to take from your experiences and what you CHOOSE to learn from them. You see, a “bad” experience, will ultimately be “good” experience if you CHOOSE to learn, develop and grow from your experiences in life.

I know I’ve worked hard to try and build a functional, successful, service-focused and consultative IT recruitment division. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve made good decisions and I’ve enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of recruitment. I’ve used all of my previous training and brought in the new business consulting skills I’ve learnt from the people here at Optimum to, as I said above, sculpt and determine the future!

Rasmus George – Senior Consultant – IT

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