Although I am young enough to have not legally been able to vote last time the Liberal National Party held power in the state of Queensland, I do take an interest in the crazy world that is politics. Having grown up with a very politically savvy father, I always wanted to stay up to date so that I could know what was being spoken about when we had friends come over for dinner.

I am far from being the next Laurie Oaks, however, after seeing the enormity of the Liberal National party’s victory, I couldn’t help but wonder that maybe being in power for so long lead the Queensland labor party into a state of complacency? Have we not seen it before with the NSW Labor government being swept aside with similar ferocity 12 months ago and even John Howard’s federal coalition suffering a heavy defeat after a long time in government in 2006?

I started thinking how sometimes it is human nature for us to become comfortable and lax when staying in the same position for an excessively long period of time. Could a similar outcome await companies, departments, or even simply an individual employee, that doesn’t stay fresh and on top of their game?

I’m sure there were other reasons why the Liberal National Party is now in power in Queensland and maybe it is unfair that I simplify the situation to such a degree, however, it still provided me with a wakeup call that one cannot simply rest on one’s past performances. In an age where tomorrow’s newest technology will soon be next week’s top of the garbage pile, it is important to remember that no one’s job is safe and we must all strive towards continuous improvement, up skilling and breaking new barriers.

This can be done in so many ways that it should not be something that is out of anyone’s reach. A simple external course in Microsoft Excel can prove to your employer that you are interested in gaining more experience in the company’s finances. Asking if you can sit in on a meeting with a different team can allow you to gain exposure in a different aspect of the company which can lead you to diversifying your skills. Or maybe introducing a new goal, set of practices or strategy for your team in order to get them all re-invigorated and breathe some life into your company and/or business unit.

Whether you are the CEO of an ASX listed mining company, an up and coming Management Accountant in a medium sized property organisation or a receptionist in a law firm there is always a danger of complacency and potentially suffering a soul crushing defeat. Maybe it’s time you have a look at your current role and ask if there is anything you can do to pull yourself out of a rut?

Isaac Dufficy – Consultant