As we are now approaching the start of the second quarter for the calendar year, this can often be a time when active and passive job seekers look to explore new job opportunities in the market. Professionals with various backgrounds from Accounting, IT, HR to Risk Management and from a diverse range of industry sectors look to take on new roles and also new industries. The question then is, what industry sectors are hiring right now or particularly active?

I’ll talk about a few different industry sectors from what we have observed in the past 12 months and what may be in store for the remainder of the year. First of all an obvious sector of choice, particularly in Queensland is the Resources sector which includes Oil & Gas and Mining. Within the sector there is a range of organisations varying from major players such as BHP, Rio Tinto and Vale within Mining, to the likes of Origin Energy, QGC, Santos and Conoco Phillips in the Oil & Gas sector as well as small to mid tier Exploration companies. It is however important to know in which particular areas the hiring is taking place.

Within the areas of Finance, opportunities for Accountants to work on mine sites have become available and provide an excellent opportunity for aspiring finance professionals to work in the sector, gaining exposure to budgeting and profit and loss for the mines in Queensland and Western Australia. Typically roles will work on a ‘fly in fly out’ roster or may require a candidate to relocate permanently to a major nearby town. Additionally within the Finance space, the same opportunities can exist for professionals working in Brisbane in a Head Office environment and providing financial analysis work for the organization collectively. We have also seen a need for IT professionals based in Head Office with exposure to systems such as SAP and Oracle, both on a contract or permanent basis and occasionally to work on mine sites. Technical Engineers, Health and Safety Officers, Geologists and Environmental Consultants continue to be in demand in the sector to work not only in Queensland and Western Australia but also other locations in Australia and abroad.

Moving away from Resources, other sectors such as financial services and government have a mix of demands. Financial services, in particular the Banking sector has not experienced the same growth levels as Resources, and in Queensland new roles that have become available have come off the back of new system projects directly impacting IT professionals but also finance, risk and credit professionals as backfills for projects. Positions can be a mix of fixed term, temporary or permanent and presents excellent opportunities for those not only already based in Brisbane or Perth, but also those willing to relocate from financial centre’s Sydney and Melbourne.

Insurance has experienced some hiring, albeit down on last year’s major hiring in the contract space for Claims professionals due to a smaller number of Claims compared to last year’s floods and cyclones that took place.

And finally the Government sector here in Queensland particularly has still been very much business as usual in terms of hiring across the board in the past twelve months, attracting applicants from the Private sector with a range of skills and experience looking to obtain contract or permanent work as well as those moving within the government departments. With the Queensland State Election taking place this weekend, we will wait to see afterwards which areas remain to be active or have a change of structure and hiring intentions.

So for this year in Queensland and Western Australia , the Resources sector will remain to be active hiring but this doesn’t mean other sectors can’t be as equally attractive and provide solid career prospects.

Tim Hooper – Team Leader