Ever looked at your to do list to find the same task staring back at you day after day? Or perhaps you have a job offer pending and aren’t too sure whether it’s the right move for you. Maybe you are at a loss at how to get the best out of your team. Discovering what motivates you or your staff could give you valuable insights into becoming more effective in your job, making an informed decision on an offer or leading a happy and resourceful team.

Everyone‘s different when it comes to motivation and often it’s not just one thing that motivates a person there could be several factors at work. There are those that respond well to external motivators; possibly by a nice bonus at the end of the month, or an increase in salary. Non financial rewards are motivators for some; a word of recognition from a colleague or manager, a mention in the company newsletter or employee of the week award. Working towards a reward can often influence a person to go that extra mile. For others the motivators are intrinsic; the sense of pride in doing a good job or the feeling of achievement completing something that has been a challenge. Perhaps you don’t want to disappoint your manager or let down other team members.

On the negative side there can be a number of reasons why a person may lose motivation. It could be a lack of confidence; maybe it’s something difficult or the belief of not being able to succeed so what’s the point in trying? Perhaps there’s no focus or direction; it’s hard to be motivated when you don’t really know why you are doing something or for what purpose. Is it something that you are passionate about, we all do well in things that we enjoy, if it’s not something you like doing or doesn’t present a challenge or stimulation it’s not going to be your best work. Whether there is something in your current job that you keep putting off, are looking to make your next career move or want to get the best out of your team, take a minute to think about what makes you or the people around you tick and these insights may result in useful strategies to help you achieve your desired results.

Daniela Lopez – Consultant