One of our roles as your consultant is to prepare you for when you are invited for that interview with a potential employer.

Preparing for an interview is the single-most effective thing you can do to enhance the likelihood of success in preparedgetting a job.  It will improve your ability to answer interview questions appropriately, confidently and make a good impression.

Outlined below are some job interview tips and advice that you can expect to receive from your consultation at Optimum, showing you how to prepare for an interview in order to help you shine on the day!

Optimum will prepare and talk you through the logistics:-

  • What type of interview it is likely to be (e.g. one to one, panel)
  • Who will be interviewing you on the day
    • We will advise you of their names and titles
    • We will be able to talk to you about their professional background – even send you LinkedIn profile so you are able to read their business profile.
    • We will be able to advise you what perspective they will bring to the interview and what style of questions they are likely to pursue.
  • How long the interview is likely to be
  • If the interview is formal or more of a casual chat
  • Whether there will be subsequent second interviews, medicals / tests
  • We will give you details about the location and travel arrangements
    • We will advise if the location is best to get to via your own transport or public transport and provide maps in needed 

Whilst we can tell you all of the above details and more, it is your responsibility to also conduct your own research:-

  • Research the Company – jump on their website
    • It is essential that you research the company before you go for the interview.  This will help you talk more knowledgably about why you think you are a good fit for the company.
    • Demonstrate your keen interest and enthusiasm for the job
    • Show professionalism and diligence.
      • NEVER bad-mouth your previous roles or employers.
      • Research the job description
      • Optimum will let you know what their ideal candidate should be like.
  • Make sure you sell yourself.
    • Prepare answers and examples that show you meet their requirements.
    • Wherever possible use real-life examples to illustrate your relevant skills and experience in action.  Remember that regardless of the role, employers are always most interested in hearing about how you have added value to a company e.g.
      • Increased profitability
      • Reduced costs
      • Improved quality
      • Problems solved
      • Innovations
      • Built/re-built relationships
      • Identified opportunities
      • Generated business
      • Greater efficiency
  • However, in your answers remember be careful not to get bogged down in providing too much detail.  Rehearse your answers out loud and pare them to the minimum, usually 2-3 sentences.  They will ask for more information if they need it

The interview is a win or lose situation with no prizes for coming second.  So if this is a job you want, then do everything you can to maximise your chances by thorough preparation.  If in doubt or you have any questions – ALWAYS call your Optimum consultant.

Claire Frith – Consultant

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