So when did LinkedIn turn sleazy? It would appear in the last 12 months. I’ve been building my network on LinkedIn for the last 3 years and being a Recruitment Consultant I use it daily as a recruitment tool. I follow companies, post jobs, search for high calibre candidates and to pick up men.

The latter isn’t actually true but it seems there is an ever increasing amount of unprofessional and pretty cringe worthy behaviour occurring. I’ll use for example a message that was sent to me this morning:


This is the latest random message I’ve received and I can assure you my profile picture does not scream “Hey guys! Check me out”. I can’t imagine the messages those attractive girls who can really strike a pose must receive!? You could argue this kind of approach is harmless but it appears that the site which boasts to be the world’s largest professional network is turning into a playground for ‘professionals’ on the pickup. Sure, everybody likes a compliment but shouldn’t we be saving this for social media such as Facebook?

There has been an Internet Dating Website boom with thousands of people signing up in the hope of finding love or a bit of fun. Maybe LinkedIn should branch out and add a ‘Date me’ section to the profile?…

Maybe not.  Let’s keep it professional shall we folks!

What weird and amusing online interactions have you encountered via social media?

Abigail Elwell – Senior Consultant

One Reply to “When did LinkedIn turn sleazy?”

June 18, 2012

Very true….. I’ve noticed this more and more over the past 12 months. We are an online media agency and some of the girls in our office who use Linkedin as a form of connecting to possible clients etc…. and the messages they get sent on a daily basis from random men is disgusting.

I think if this carrys on linkedin will start to lose there place as the professional networking giants….

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