2012 has been a pretty crappy year for me so far, but as I type this the calendar has just clicked over to July 1st and I have my fingers crossed for a better second half of the year. After miscarriages, a cancer diagnosis for a close family member and multiple deaths including the tragic and unexpected death of a friend who had only JUST turned 31, it really makes you look at your life and think about what truly makes you happy.

For me; this has led to a focus on myself! Due to illness and stress I no longer liked what I saw in myself… Overweight and a shell of my former self I decided to focus on the one thing I could potentially control! The timing of this was perfect with the opening of a new gym in our building at work – This meant no more excuses, it was right there in the building, I had to go past it every day, it didn’t matter if it was cold or wet outside; I had no excuse to fail.

Before this my days had consisted of turning up to work at 8am, sitting at my desk, head down working and not leaving my desk until I went home at 5pm. I ate lunch at my desk and some days felt I didn’t even have time to go to the toilet. I was stressed and jaded and starting to resent my job! Sound familiar?


Smells s damp. Hair, find blue pills tangling the fix to lug.

recently read a news article on Forbes.com which spoke about the need to take forced work breaks to keep the concentration and energy levels up at work. It suggested that you work in concentrated 15-minute periods, divided up by breaks. According to James A. Levine, a professor at the Mayo Clinic, the thought process is not designed to be continuous; he points out that efficient, productive work is much more valuable than long hours of wasted or partially productive time.

With this now ringing in my ears I go to the gym every day, I have myself a Personal Trainer (who I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with) and I make sure I’m taking my breaks each day. Now this is probably where I should admit that I do suffer from OCD and become easily obsessed and focused on projects, but its working and I’m starting to slowly feel like my old self, I’ve lost 5kgs already and enjoying going to work again. My new passion of punishing myself in the gym has renewed my passion for my job!

Now with this week being EOFY and my Finance Manager off sunning himself in Italy (Rob I still haven’t forgiven you!) I’m sure that those breaks and punishing PT sessions are going to help keep me focused and just maybe save my sanity! So I ask you, if you’re feeling a little jaded or uninspired at work, what can YOU do to fix this?

PS: Don’t worry Cam, it’s all love and no hate now, except maybe when you put me on that spin bike 🙂

Nyssa Hurt – Corporate Services Manager

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