A recent blog written talked about coaching and life/business coaches discussing the place they have in today’s society. Reflecting on this, got me thinking how good strong leadership is so much like the working out process. Let me explain:

When you first start a fitness or weightlifting regime it can be common to have a trainer come up with a program and the objective is to increase your load or intensity to grow stronger and fitter over time. If you are starting out for the first time the weight and intensity will be extremely low and light. You might be benchpressing maybe 5 kilos. The coach or the program should look to push to get you lifting maximum load as you get fitter and stronger you can increase your workload. The Trainer or coach could possibly lift 50kg. If you were asked to lift this at the start you wouldn’t have a chance. Over time after pushing yourself to your limits you get stronger and fitter and maybe as strong as the coach.

In a work environment we are constantly being pushed and stretched to hit targets to meet deadlines. A skillful leader will look to “increase weights and intensity” over time to achieve maximum result. As a team member it can be hard at first to “go with the heavy weight” but the growth potential is huge. The bigger picture is understanding that having leaders or people around us with high standards will lift the team and the individual.

When looking for a workplace one thing to consider is a company that sets high standards for its people. Like working out it will make you “Fitter, stronger, better” I know Optimum has this.. How does you company rate?

Kevin Jones – Senior Consultant

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