With the appointment of our new General Manager to the Perth office we have had several conversations where he has highlighted that “how you bring yourself to work” is important. It is important to bring energy and positivity because this will impact not only your work but your fellow team mates. He also highlighted the importance that if something has happened in your private life e.g. you didn’t get much sleep because your children were sick or you had a huge argument with your partner, to let your colleagues know what’s up and why you may not be “yourself” at work.

I understand the importance of how you bring yourself to work but we are only human and it is inevitable that we will bring issues from our private life to work. So my question is; are you comfortable enough with your co-workers to tell them when something is actually up?

The month of June was probably one of the most difficult months I have had this year. I received the unfortunate news that a close college friend of mine had passed away at the age of 23; news that shook my world. I suppose being so far away from home and not being there to console my friends and say a proper goodbye was not easy. It brought me back to my college days where I shared a conversation with my friend of our hopes, fears and aspirations for the future and this conversation began to play on my mind over and over again. Little did we think then we would both be living in the Land Down Under, let alone one of us not seeing past 24.

On top of this another close friend of mine had to return to the lovely Emerald Isle and June also marked my first year in Perth which was met with home sickness. Going to work became a challenge as I felt ‘what’s the point’; I became quiet, I lost my smile and I became negative (all things which are not like me). I’m sure my co-workers noticed a change in my mood as close friends and family did.

Over the last few weeks we have incorporated a 4pm Friday gathering in the Perth office where we crack open a bottle of beer, sit around and discuss our week as a team. It has also become an afternoon where we discuss what is happening in our private life both good and bad. It is obvious that due to these past few Fridays it brought the team closer together and in turn we became comfortable to talk about what was happening outside of work.

To be honest I am normally a closed book and not one to open up; but when asked by one of my co-workers why I had been so quiet initially took me by surprise. But at the end of the day you spend the majority of your time at work, so clearly someone has to notice. To explain why and then receive the support and advice felt like a major weight was lifted off me, so thank you guys. 🙂

Going forward it’s a new month with a fresh start, new smile and a positive outlook. Here’s to an awesome July and a fantastic second year in Australia.

So I ask again how do you bring yourself to work and if something is up do you feel comfortable enough with your co-workers to tell them?

Marie McLoughlin – Consultant

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