As we approach the end of 2012 (already I know!), we start getting to that time where around a few drinks with friends, family or work colleagues, we reflect on the year that’s been , what was or was not achieved and generally a bit of talk about what next year may bring. So as you read this, perhaps not only take time to reflect on the year 2012, but start to think about plans for 2013 and maybe even 2014 , because now is one of the best moments to utilise that opportunity. If we take a moment to reflect, there has been a lot of things that have taken place through 2012 locally and internationally in business, politics and events in general. It’s been written and spoke about a number of times throughout 2012, that the issues in Europe don’t look likely to subside any time soon, with Greece, Spain , Italy and Portugal all doing it very tough and experiencing high unemployment and increased pressure in terms of government austerity measures. Of course other parts of the developed world haven’t had it easy either with the US going through a bit of a storm (literally) and the most expensive election campaign in history, leading to a re-election of Barack Obama.

And with the new change of leader in China, there is optimism that spending in infrastructure will increase in 2013 and the US will be one of the better countries to a lead a recovery in the developed nations. In Australia we are going through some reality checks with the mining side of things weakening and high cost projects put on hold for the time being, leading to redundancies and reallocation of staff locally and abroad. From my experience working abroad during the credit crisis of 2008, not all things have to come to an end, and fortune often favours the brave.

What I mean by that is simply put, individuals and businesses take stock of how they are operating in terms of efficiencies internally, services provided, client relationships and ultimately take a course of action to make themselves more competitive or potentially look at a new market and offering altogether. The same goes for individuals, as those who may have been thinking of doing something different are sometimes forced into taking that course of action, and take time out to study something new or further an existing set of qualifications, again to make themselves more attractive and unique in the marketplace or different altogether. It’s always a risk of

course, but few things in life are gained without a bit of initial discomfort, however the rewards long term far outweighs that.

So the moral to all of this, when you get five minutes to yourself, why not look at what you’re doing with your life right now and think about what you could be doing in 2013? Then if you’re really brave, action it.

Tim Hooper – Senior Consultant

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