Just recently a Client referred me onto an article written by Dale Dauten entitled “How gifted bosses hire and de-hire their way to success”.

The article is a very interesting read and one I would recommend to any Manager or employer. There is too much insight to share with you in a simple blog but what I would like to share with you, is the section on turning employees into allies.

The section starts off by asking a question about what is the ideal relationship between a manager and employee. Dauten defines

this relationship into five categories (sliding scale from worst to best approach):

  • Seeing employees as the enemy
  • Seeing employees as hired hands
  • Seeing employees as family members
  • Seeing employees as friends
  • Seeing employees as allies

Thinking of employees as lifelong allies will change the way leaders/employers engage, train and develop employees. Having an ally for life in an employee or ex-employee according to Dauten’s observations will benefit an employer tenfold in the future (referred employees, referred business, referred employment opportunities and the list continues).

Dauten takes it a step further by saying star employees that leave a business should become graduates, not former employees. Whether an employee has moved onto another business or whether they were de-hired (meaning they were let go by the employer so they could find a firm that better suits their needs and career direction – of course assisting in this process is what seals the alliance).

An example of a graduate is a star employee who moves on from an employer but still has a lifelong alliance and hence is an advocate of the company.

Too many employers treat employees as disposable human capital and in these cases you can only imagine what they are saying about you/about your business when they should/could have been aiding your business (ally). The benefits of creating a lifelong ally instead of a resented ex-employee are obvious. Bad word of mouth and negative stories spreads fast so perhaps take the time to read Dale Dauten’s article to see how you can develop and stay in touch with your graduates. Think about what category you fit your employees into (enemy, hired hand, family, friend or ally). Are you reaping the benefits of constant business referrals and business opportunities from your ex-employees?

Chanelle Stewart – Consultant

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