As previously mentioned in the previous article (Common Interview Questions), it is imperative to research a company and the interviewer before attending an interview. You may feel confident for the interview as you believe you have the company’s desired skills as well as an impressive work history to back it up, but nothing sets a bad impression like having very little knowledge of the company you are applying for employment at.

When researching a company, you first need to figure out,

a) What you should know of the company and the interviewee and,

b) Where can you find this information.

The information below should give you some insight into these points.

When arriving at a job interview, as well as looking presentable and hopefully having the right credentials for the job, you should also be equipped with the knowledge of the company; it’s employees and your interviewer. be prepared

The most important information about the company that you should be aware of is the company’s mission statement, any recent projects they’re undertaking or important ones completed previously, the interviewers role in the company, the work culture of the company as well as any benefits, the reputation of the business within your sector and any recent awards, recognition or media coverage the company has received.

Don’t fret by this information, as more often than not, it is freely available to you via the company’s website, LinkedIn profile and/or social media pages, have a read below to find out how to best utilise these forums to get the answers you need to be considered the right candidate.


The best place to start is to do a simple Google search to find the company’s website. Here you will be able to research the company’s biography and mission statement, core values, their business direction, their clients or whom their services cater to, as well as key members of their team. Go one step further and jot down their names (executives, advisors, etc.) to do a quick LinkedIn search later.

By becoming acquainted with the company’s core values, it allows you to make a conscious decision of how you would fit into the workplace as well as most importantly, be a positive addition to their workplace culture.

This preparation allows you become confident with your knowledge of the company rather than feel flustered and put on the spot by the interviewer’s questions.


When job searching, your LinkedIn profile is as important as your resume, if not more, as potential employers will most likely search your profile to view your work history, your work direction and even your connections, as well as many employers using LinkedIn to headhunt potential employees.

When researching a company and potential employers, searching their LinkedIn profiles is an important part of the search. The company’s LinkedIn profile can give you an idea of the company’s growth and employee turnover. It will also give you an idea of how many employees the company has, as well as people who may have similar positions to the one you are applying, meaning you have the opportunity to view their LinkedIn profile to see what your future job will entail, as well as being able to frame your skills on your resume to be viewed as an appealing candidate.

As mentioned above, by jotting down key employees of the business, it allows you to research how long they have been with the company, what projects they have or currently are working on as well as their previous work history to land the role they are in now.

Social Media

Viewing the company’s social media pages is an important part of your research, as it is a platform for the company to discuss ideas they feel passionate about. By becoming aware of the topics they discuss on social media, and of the interaction with their ‘followers’, it allows you to research the topics the company cares about. By having that knowledge, it portrays that you remain updated with the company’s activity online as well as being an engaged candidate for the role.

By following these steps, along with a well written resume and corporate presentation at interview you will be putting yourself one step ahead of your competitors!

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