When attending a job interview, sometimes the most important questions in the room are the ones that you as a candidate ask the interviewer. Not only are these questions beneficial to make sure you are a good fit for theinterview cat role, but they can also portray you in a good light if you are intelligent about what you ask.

While there are some questions that are out of bound at first interviews (i.e if you would like to receive an offer, or just to make it to second round interviews maybe refrain from asking about salary benefits and schedule flexibility), there are a number of questions, which can make you look worthy as a potential candidate for the role.

Intelligent questions are ones, which highlight your qualifications, demonstrate your confidence, reinforce your commitment, portray your understanding of the employer’s challenges, display that you are accountable and advance your candidacy.

So before you sit your next job interview, take a few moments reading over the following questions, as adding a few to the end of your next interview may assist you with getting hired.

If I were to commence working for your company tomorrow, what would be my first priorities in this role?

This question portrays that you’re interested in learning about how you can start on the right foot in the role, as well as giving you an insight into the current state of the role. It also displays that you are invested and interested in the job and turns the tables by allowing the interviewer to imagine you working in the role.

How will you judge my success? What will have happened six months from now that will demonstrate that I have met your expectations?

This question will give you an idea of what will be expected of you as a new employee for the company and goals for you to work towards in your initial time with the company if you were successful. This question will also display that you are determined and a go-getter, traits which are seen as extremely favourable.

What would you say are the top two personality traits a candidate needs to do this job well?

Answers by the interviewer will give you an idea of what to expect within the role, if they use words such as ‘creative’ or ‘intuitive’ it can often mean that you will be working alone and have to brain storm individually, while words such as ‘patient’ and ‘collaborative’ could mean work amongst a team and in a team building environment. Not only will this give you an idea as to whether you’d think you would suit the role, but it will give the interviewer an opportunity to look past the resume and consider you as an individual.

I know this company prides itself on X and Y, so what would you say is the most important aspect of your culture?

This type of question displays that you have done your homework on the company and is sure to impress the interviewer. It displays you as a committed candidate and the question gives you a chance to gain insight into what values of the company are held to the highest ideal.

What improvements or changes do you hope the new candidate will bring to this position?

This question may give you an idea what made the last person leave or lose their job, as well as providing you with ideas of how to be a star employee. It also portrays that you are willing to make a significant effort to be the best candidate for the role.

Is there anything that stands out to you that makes you think I might not be the right fit for the job?

Although a daunting question, this question can also be beneficial to you, as it can help you to redeem any hesitations the employer may have about you, as well as demonstrating you can take constructive criticism and are eager to improve. If you were unsuccessful in attaining the role,  this question still remains beneficial to any future job interviews you may have.

So try out some of these questions in your next job interview and see how you go.

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