If you are anything like me, it is likely you read more than your fair share of articles and blogs about Innovation and Change.  Which means you have probably read the statistic suggesting at least 70% of change efforts fail, and a large part of that 70% is made up of failed innovation. I was once told by someone that ‘between a good idea and money in the bank lies an absolute abyss’ (probably around 70% of you are nodding your head  at this). innovategears-300x300

One particular article in Forbes by PJ Chan of Kotter International in June 2013 said that as a result of previously failed attempts at innovation, half of executives surveyed were less likely to risk implementing breakthrough ideas.

Innovation only happens in the right environment, one where everyone is not only allowed to innovate, but they are actively encouraged to speak up and bring new ideas to the table. This may sound like common sense, but it is far from common practice”.

This is the first reason why I am most looking forward to the Insight & Innovation Exchange APAC Conference in Sydney (Dec 4-5).  Imagine, a single conference which is actively encouraging people to speak up and bring new ideas to the table.  To mingle amongst peers who share a similar passion.  To learn, grow and succeed.  I think it is going to be great.

The second reason is to do with a trend which I am becoming a little obsessed by.  It is being referred to in a few different ways by several different commentators with a similar underlying premise – that we are moving into a new era, one in which ideas and insights are the new source of power.  The assumption is that in many ways, information and knowledge  are becoming a more level playing field, and it is in fact the synthesis of this information and knowledge to form (successful) new ideas that will be important in the future.

I really do subscribe to this theory.  And let’s assume for a moment it is only moderately true, isn’t it worth spending two days surrounding yourself with people who maybe, just maybe, will be the catalysts of change in the future?

I certainly do.

Jason Buchanan – General Manager; Insights & Innovation


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