On the wall in our office, we have a quote from Jamie Notter which says Innovation is change that unlocks new value.

In one way or another, everyone who reads this is involved with Innovation.  In fact if you are not part of an organisation that is at least thinking about unlocking new value in some way, my advice is to go and find a new job before it disappears….quickly.   We simply don’t have the option to stand still these days, neither as individuals nor as organisations.  Standing still means going backwards.

No-one can accuse IIeX Sydney of standing still. images

One of the reasons I am really excited to be speaking at the upcoming Insight & Innovation Exchange conference in Sydney next week (December 4 and 5) is the fact that I will be surrounded by over 70 thought-leading innovators who are leaders in their fields.  Every speaker has at least one thing in common – they are creating the change which will unlock new value.

Seriously, the agenda is of ridiculously high quality.  I have seen many of the other speakers before, and know many of them personally.  All I can say is that the content will be fresh, and every single session will be worth the price of admission alone.

If you are attending, I am looking forward to seeing you there.  If you aren’t… perhaps you are already standing still?

Jason Buchanan – General Manager; Insights & Innovation

One Reply to “Can IIeX Sydney Get Any Better?”

Jamie Notter
November 26, 2014

You put my quote on the wall?! Sweet! I’m amazed at how far and wide I see that one quoted, and it only comes from a blog post. Although Maddie Grant and I did put that definition into our upcoming book, When Millennials Take Over. Glad it inspires you. It was the “unlocking” piece that I was struggling with. You actually have to liberate the value from a system that is holding it back.

Wish I could have been at the conference. We’ve been angling to get to Sydney for years now. Are you doing it again in 2015?

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