I love this time of year. The close of a financial year and the start of a new one. So many ideas on what we did well and where we can improve for the New Year. The year has so much potential and can be as successful as we want it to be. It is a choice we make.

This week I have been busy with my team setting our new targets for the new financial year and with my GM setting my own. I love seeing my team come up with their goals. They feel excited. They feel empowered. They feel committed to be the best they can be and pushing themselves. I am excited for them! Putting the ideas on paper is half the battle. How do we keep ourselves on track to make sure what we are achieving the most we can and maximising our potential?what-are-your-goals-featured-w740x493
The easiest way is to set these targets and be focussed on the outcomes. Keep in mind the finish line and what we need to do each day, each week to achieve these results?

Six months from now I want to sit with each member of my team and congratulate them on a job well done and even better, praise them for going above and beyond. With self confidence and a little hard work, our goals are realistic and very achievable.

How do we ensure we are on track to achieve these goals?

1. Make your goals specific
2. Make your goals measurable
3. Make your goals realistic and achievable
4. Constantly revisit your goals to make sure you are on track each week
5. Be outcomes focussed

Each week I sit with my team to recap the week/month, what we did well, what we can improve and how we have planned our next weeks activities. Being accountable for what you say you will do is so important. Commit to it, constantly refer back to your goals and never lose sight of the end goal.

As leaders of a business, we are always here for our teams to provide support and guidance to help them to achieve their goals. The group has a target to achieve as well as the individual. In my experience the most successful teams and businesses are the ones that work together. They support each other in both their strengths and improvements. Let’s be the best we can be, focus on the end goal and hold ourselves accountable.

Here’s to a successful New Year!

Marianne Savas – Divisional Manager

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