Some people value loyalty when it comes to their job.  I am one of those people.

I stayed in my previous job for more than 5 years and had been building my career over time.  I started as a receptionist and I can truly say I loved my job.  Then one by one my superiors left but my boss never hired a replacement.  I was given some of their tasks and as time went by, as each department head left and no replacement was hired I found myself working in every department.  Back then I would tell myself, “It’s totally fine.. This is part of my career growth and I love my job here.”  I was also thinking that if I leave no one can take my place and the company would suffer.  That’s how loyal I was.  So I stayed.  And I stayed for 5 long years.

But then I had to quit because the job (my boss, in particular) was doing more harm than good to me.   It was aDon't Quit very hard decision to make but I had to do it.    I can say now that I made the right decision and that there are a lot of things to consider when staying on in a job and it’s not just loyalty.

According to Dr Travis Bradberry there are telltale signs it’s time to quit your job.

You dread going to work

This was definitely true.  Well, for some people it’s a real challenge to get back to work on a Monday.   But they bounce back to life when they find their momentum.  Being motivated at work increases productivity and effectiveness.  But if it is starting to feel that every day is a Monday then it’s time to move on.

There’s no room for advancement.

If you’ve stayed on in a job for quite some time and you are doing the same thing every day, your career is going nowhere.   You have to be challenged every day to develop your skills and keep those brain cells awake.   There is more to what you are doing every day.  But if you never have to learn new things to improve your skills and then you finally decide to move on, you’ll find out that you will still be on the same level as before you started.

Your health is suffering.

I personally can attest to this.  If you are always getting sick for no reason at all, you definitely need to find a new job.   It’s not worth your paycheck.

Your personal life is suffering.

If you’re stressed out and miserable at your job, you tend to be sensitive and always angry.   Do not sacrifice your personal life.  Leave.  Find a job that will not affect your personal life.

You’ve lost your passion.

When you started, you were always bright and active.  Always willing to take on a challenge. But certain events changed everything.  You get so stressed out.  You’re thinking you’re not compensated fairly for the efforts you’re making for the company.  Then things start to get redundant and bear no challenge.   And you are hating everyone, even yourself.  Don’t wait for that to happen.  It’s not healthy for you, for your career or even the company. Start thinking of a new career path.

It’s hard. I know because I’ve been in the same situation.  But if the job is doing more harm than good not just in your career but to your well-being as well, it’s not worth holding on to.  There are so many opportunities out there that would be in need of your talent and skills.   All you need to do is look for it and as one important person in my career has told me……WHAT’S HOLDING YOU OFF? JUST DO IT!

Cecille Orpiada – Team Assistant

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