Emails…social media…phone calls… texts… tweets… intranet chat…

How many of you are distracted by one or all of these things in any one hour at work?

Think about it – you get into work, you are focused.  You start getting the job done.  Then… ching.. a text comes in… hhmmm, better have a look what that is… I’ll respond… another ching…

Before you know it you are well and truly distracted and getting the job done takes a back seat. The Annual Wasting Time at Work Survey conducted by (2014) found that 89% of the DISTRACTIONSpeople surveyed said they waste time at work every single day. This was up from 69% in 2013. I can guess that this rise coincides with the rise of technology and social media.

In this technological age getting the job done is hard. You have to train yourself not to get distracted! This coincides with the fact that productivity (getting the job done) is on the agenda in every business.

There is a “more with less” sentiment:  shareholders expect more, organisations are cutting headcount and operational costs, accountability and productivity is increasing just as technology is creating more distractions.

So how do you stay focused on getting your job done – on being productive?

Here are some tips:

  1. Ignore those emails! Yep – you read it correctly. At least block time to look at emails instead of constantly opening when you receive one…
  2. Don’t worry about office politics or where the company is heading. Simply get on with your job – If you hit your goals your team will hit their goals and the organisation will hit its goals!
  3. Have a Phone break – checking your Facebook page is a habit – learn to control it!
  4. Learn to say no – if someone comes up to you for a chat or asks “Have you got a second?” (which is never a second.. more like 30 minutes) say I’m sorry – I am really focused on getting my job done right now can we talk at lunchtime?
  5. Get structured!

If productivity is not on your bosses mind in 2016 it soon will be.

Many organisations are scrapping performance management reviews and rating systems. Productivity and accountability is firmly on you as an employee and will be communicated more and more on a more consecutive basis.  You have to get the job done.

As 2016 starts I am sure many of you will make a New Years’ resolution. Mine is to be more productive.

If you are a manager of people and are thinking “How do I get my team to be more productive?” maybe the following link can help:

Stephen Cushion – General Manager; Consulting.

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