Who gets excited on a Monday? Who jumps out of the bed and says yes thank God it’s Monday and runs to work excited to get started? Although I wonder if this really happens, I’m sure a lot of people are thankful and overwhelmed with gratitude that every day they wake up and they’ve got work to do. They have got something to share, learn and contribute – there are no big or small tasks as every job matters, every worker matters. 

Do you realise that the average hours spent working over a lifetime is around 84,480, assuming the full work life is from 21-65. That is over 9.6 years of our lifetime and this alone is a massive reality check to find meaning in work rather than to simply collect a paycheck. That’s a great deal of our life to spend doing something we can’t stand. It is also a chance to do something meaningful, something we love, something we can love and earn a living at the same time.
Whether you are already working or about to enter the workforce. Sometimes it’s good to step back, think and ask ourselves. Why do I work? Am I sure that I will be doing this for 84,480 hours of my lifetime with a happy heart?  How passionate can I be about my work that sometimes I lose myself into it? Am I challenged? Do I stretch and push myself to the “limits”? Does my work allow me to go outside my comfort zone leading to self-discovery? To learn new things while developing myself as a worker and as a person? Do I maximise and make use of my talent and skills in what I do? Does my work help me to provide for my family and myself not only monetary but the gift of time? Am I making a difference that creates an impact on other people’s lives? Do I smile with satisfaction after a tiring day?

You know very well when your work is more than a paycheck. If you think you are not there yet then follow your heart and just go.  You know what it is, stop parking it somewhere. Every job matters but find what matters to you.  We exist in purpose and we always have a choice, a choice to live this life as fully as possible.

Anna Rivera – Resourcing Specialist 

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