It has been an interesting few weeks in world politics. Since the inauguration of the US President, we have seen an unprecedented display of social discontent amongst American citizens alarmed at the isolationist policies of the Trump Administration. A wave of antigovernment protests have erupted across the nation and globally! A broad section of the US is incensed at many of the Presidential Orders that have been put in train including the Immigration Order which restricts entry to the States of Muslim people from 7 Middle Eastern countries for 90 days. You may not agree with what the President is doing but you have to give it to him, he is a “man of action”.strongleader

There is nothing quite like action and strong leadership to inspire and motivate a country. Already with the first Leader’s meeting with Theresa May of the UK there is talk of trade deals post Brexit. The Wall is going ahead which will cost billions of dollars to build and create a surge in demand for construction workers. Homeland Security will require greater levels of man-power. With new blood comes resources to support, and let’s not forget the growth within the security and intelligence communities particularly in the cyber intelligence space. The impact goes on and on and the economic impact could be profound.

I firmly believe that amongst all this confusion and aggravation there will be massive jobs growth in the States as well as elsewhere. Australia who already has a significant trade relationship with the US and in fact already has a “free trade agreement” in place, is set to benefit from closer trade relations.

With the US sphere of influence in the Pacific being challenged by the Chinese and Russians I can see Australia playing a far greater strategic hand with its military alliance with the Americans. We already have thousands of US troops based in Darwin and this will grow, requiring support from the local economy. Darwin is booming and will continue to experience jobs growth as a result. The US is looking to enhance its trade relationship with Australia and New Zealand. This will create in itself a greater level of domestic prosperity through investment and subsequent demand for talent. As one of the most significant foreign investors in Australia, the US is only going to take a greater economic foothold here.

So amongst the fear and uncertainty there is change a foot. The world is rapidly changing and we need to prepare for this, but we also need to embrace it. There is one thing for sure and that is the pace of change is only going to accelerate!

Paul O’Loughlin – Executive Consultant

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