There is a lot of talk as to how our jobs will change with Artificial Intelligence. The future of the workforce is one that scares some and excites many, or is it scares many and excites some?

I am lucky enough to work in a company that is a people business but is also a tech start-up.

The mix of technology and people is a fascinating one and I firmly believe that technology is an enabler of what we do, not the absolute product.

I have received some feedback recently from our clients in comparison to our competitors and it has been fascinating to hear that some of our competition, often big global names are maybe falling into the trap of letting technology drive their results and driving their solutions.

This is great for us as we still love dealing with people and people want different things so our technology and consulting is agile – if we can change something that makes commercial sense and suits what our customers actually want: we will – we control the tech, not the other way around.

When tech and people work together it really is a productive environment. It makes life easier, it can reduce costs, it keeps things front of mind and can be a real value-add. 

Technology can be a distractor, however! cubical

Many organisations we consult to have a number of platforms, numerous communication portals but as I have written about before I like to Keep it Simple and Straightforward (K.I.S.S).

If you as a leader are embracing tech then great – you have to, no question! But, please do not embrace too much tech as it can turn your organisation into an unproductive environment where communication gets sent across different channels and often gets lost.

Make tech work for you, not the other way around.

The book “The Future of Happiness” by Amy Blankson is a great read and highlights some strategies for living with and utilising technology in the current digital age we live in.

Use technology to help but switch the technology off and refresh I don’t mean switch off to download updates or reboot – switch it off for long periods of time!

Stephen Cushion – General Manager; Consulting 


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