How to Build the Workplace Culture You Want!

Every role I have applied for, I have always been attracted to what that company’s workplace culture is like. To me it is one of the major benefits for my place of employment. We can spend up to 40-50 hours per week at work and I need to be able to enjoy my time there instead of it feeling like, well……work! If you are like me, having a laugh or two while also being productive is a match made in heaven.

However, workplace culture does not just happen. Employers and employees alike have to be on the same page to create the environment they want to have. In my experience, most of it comes from attitude and willingness to contribute. There is also more to it than just turning up and doing your job. So here are some of my simple tips on how you can help build a positive culture in your workplace with ease:

Say “Good Morning”

A nice “good morning” greeting and a smile to the team first thing can go a long way! Whether it be a simple one or a great big cheery one, it acknowledges your colleagues and shows them respect. Also, if you really                                                   mean it, it’s a great way to kick off your day in the right mood!

Buy Lollies for the jar

If your workplace is anything like mine, there is always a communal lolly jar. Every now and then it won’t break your bank to buy a bag or two to fill it up! We are all guilty of sneaking a handful in the afternoons, even if we only take the red ones! So spread the responsibility around, don’t let the same team mates be the only ones chipping in. You could even only buy your favourite lollies!

Be Approachable

Don’t be that person that others are afraid to come to for help or ask questions. It can make for some uncomfortable working environments. If someone comes to you surely it means they think you are the expert on the matter and can help. The right open and approachable attitude will make you feel great and your workmates will love you for it.

Participate and Create

In my book, team events are always the best way to incite a great work culture. If you show interest in your team, they in turn show interest in you. Actively participating in corporate functions, drinks at the pub or larger team building activities, there is no better way to connect. Our team climbed Brisbane’s famous Story Bridge for our 2017 Christmas party. Fantastic day! You could even create your own events such as small fund raising campaigns for those good office feels!

The Optimum team – Story Bridge Climb


In summary, your workplace culture relies a lot on your individual attitude. You only get out what you put in. Make the most of your time at work. I have found myself lucky enough to work at a place that allows me to indulge my weird nature, so I really enjoy taking an active role in the evolution of our culture!

Of course there are many different ways to achieve this. I’d love to hear examples of how you contribute to the creation of your workplace culture!

Alana Black – Corporate Services Manager 

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