We all know there are many aspects affecting the talent world and our day to day jobs.

I read every day about the changing world of talent: from what competencies we need to be an effective leader; to the workforce of the future; but how do we stay relevant?

In my humble view there are 3 main aspects that will directly affect our organisations:

  1. Change is a constant
  2. Artificial Intelligence / technology will grow
  3. Efficiencies are on the agenda: company profits are up but cost cutting is on the agenda

Change as we all know is here to stay but what I am curious about is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how this is going to impact the talent industry.

“AI is still years away! I do not need to think about this now” I hear you say…


AI is here and it is here now. It may be that your current employer or boss just has not told you it is being considered.

Fact:  If the majority of your role is administration related or follows a routine process, you have a 70% chance of being replaced by AI in the next 5 years. This is not the time to think it will never happen.

Take a moment to think about your job – on a day to day basis how much of your role could be automated?

Trust me your boss is already thinking about AI – if they are not they should be!

It is here people and now is the time to ask yourself this:

“How can I remain relevant, how do I sell myself and what do I need to do to remain relevant?”

Here are my 7 Tips

– Embrace that this is going to happen. Change your mindset and work with AI / technology, not against it

– Soft skills will remain in demand – empathy, sympathy, EQ – AI will not be able to compete with us humans on these – hone these skills

– Learn – re-train yourself and maybe take a tech based course

– Promote complex Problem Solving – this skill will still be in demand, particularly when it comes to change

– Learn and focus on Customer Experience (not service). If you don’t know the difference – get to know it!

– Adopt a solution skill set – AI will turn into a proactive problem-solving dream – but not for all areas i.e. sales or relationship management.

– Be curious and keep up to date: there is a new language in town and these things need to be in your vocabulary:

HCI – Human-Computer Interaction

Cognitive Environments

Pervasive AI



If these are new words to you – get curious! HCI may well be a major competency on the virtual Position Description in the not so distant future.

For a glimpse into what is around the corner, Seth Godin, IBM and Watson are on the cusp of a revolution and we all need to be aware of it – please check this link out.


Are you willing to remain relevant?

Stephen Cushion – General Manager, Consulting

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