I don’t know about you, but I like to make my weeks at work as stress free as possible. While I understand that there are always going to be certain pressures that cannot be avoided, I also am a big believer in the little things that you can do to help calm things down.

So, in my humble opinion, here are five ways to help you de-stress during the work week.

  • Decorate your work space

You probably spend up to 8/9 hours at a desk so why not jazz it up a bit! I recommend bright coloured stationary, Polaroids of family/friends, something to fidget with (I have a mini slinky) and possibly a childhood toy or two! My herd of My Little Ponies grows steadily by the week!

  • Bring snacks

Food is one of those things that provides enjoyment. Give yourself permission to have a little snack during the day. Make sure it is something you like that is not too unhealthy. I go with a basic cheese and crackers. Its small yet satisfying!

  • Take your lunch break

Taking the time to actually step away from your desk can really be beneficial. It will help your brain to refresh and reset for the rest of the day. Try taking a walk, eating lunch at a café or if you are like me, a session in the gym can burn away the stress.

  • Socialise with a friend

Even after you get home from the office, sometimes the stress can follow you. Break up the week by catching up with a friend for a casual dinner or a movie. We are all social beings and getting together with mates for a nice meal and a chat always puts me in a great mood!

And finally, give yourself some credit! Every small win in the office is worth a pat on the back. Always remember that you are doing a good job!

What are some of the different ways you like to de-stress?

Alana Black – Corporate Services Manager

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