For those of you who know me, I love great Thai food.  Having lived a number of my formative years in Thailand, there is nothing more enticing than authentic, fresh Thai food. The other week I was at my favourite local Thai Restaurant with the family for a meal and I noticed a number of startling differences with the restaurant and how the place and seemly gone through a transformation right under my nose!

It would have only been two months earlier we had been there and it had transformed from a very sleepy restaurant that was three quarters empty to a bustling vibrant venue with people waiting for tables!

What had changed? Well the exceptional food, friendly and efficient service certainly hadn’t changed. Also, there was no evidence of an expensive refit or advertising campaigns.

The big change is they had embraced the food delivery apps such as Deliveroo, Menulog, Uber Eats.  There were delivery guys & girls coming in every 10 minutes to pick up orders.  Clearly this had cascaded in not only more takeaway orders but the word had got out how good this place was and people were dining in!  I can only imagine what this has done for the owners to move from what would have been a very marginal business to a seemingly profitable business in just two months.

So, the question for you is – how are you embracing technology tools to improve the performance of  your business and reinvigorate your career?  I certainly don’t think technology is a silver bullet but use it as an enabler and you can transform your performance!

It is critical that we all stay relevant as Steve Cushion recently talked about in his blog and technology is a key part of this. 

There are a plethora of technology options out there for individuals and organisations but there are the bare essentials that will move you from surviving to thriving.

If you are looking at a new career, have you maximised the free technology resources to help find that next job such as LinkedIn with an enhanced profile along with Seek and Indeed to showcase your credentials.? What about ensuring your resume is tech friendly?  Through our recruitment and outplacement programmes, I’m continually surprised the number of seasoned professionals who are on the market and haven’t embraced these simple to use tools.

What are the essential tools you are not embracing in your business?  Most organisations have a range of CRM, ERP tools but are they effective and embraced by all?  Importantly, what are you doing to understand and improve the performance of your organisation through your people?  There are a wide range of clever HRIS (Human Resources Information System) tools out there and I’d encourage you to investigate what is right for your business.

At Optimum (warning: shameless plug 😊) we realised that not every organisation needs a complex HRIS for their business . So we have developed a number of clever tools with EmployeeLife, that help Employers and Employees to achieve their goals and improve their performance and by identifying trends risks and opportunities in real time.

My Employee Life will help you and your organisation work smarter and not harder as Daniel Cosgrove has talked about previously:

So, as I’m still salivating over my delicious Thai meal from the other week, what can you do in two months to help transform your organisation or professional career by being clever about how you use technology? 

If you would like to learn more about how to improve the performance of your business through people or looking at better ways to enhance your career, please get in touch at or 07 3228 8430.

Richard Dunks – Executive Consultant

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