Ok, let’s talk about this ban on single use plastic bags. There seems to be various reactions to this new rule that some major supermarkets and outlets have implemented. Some Australians are happy that the big stores have begun to take a more environmentally friendly step. Others are downright angry and so annoyed that their convenience has been affected, they have stock piled those grey plastic bags, stolen one of the shopping baskets or even taken trolleys home!

I have read numerous stories of people being so put out that they threaten to “never shop at your store again!” Yeah, like they are worried you won’t come in and spend $20 at the self-serve checkout, likely thieving some small items at the same time!

I cannot understand this kind of madness. While this ban may seem a little difficult to deal with right now, I maintain that this will have a greater long term effect on our environment and eventually on our mindset. It is only a matter of time before taking your own bags to the grocery store becomes second nature.

Do you remember when email became part of your daily routine instead of faxes? Do you remember when you began texting your friends instead of making a call? I certainly remember when texting first happened, I definitely said to myself “why would I want to text when I can call!” Now you can’t stop me texting my mates!

Technology advancements are of course much more exciting than grocery shopping, so it’s easy to get on board quicker. However, if we all take a step back from the shock of the plastic bag ban, we will soon realise that all we need to do is recognise the positive effects this will have on our environment and adapt to this change.

We are more resilient than plastic!

We adapt to change all the time in our day to day lives. A change of leadership or management in your office, a change in your colleagues or perhaps a big change in your career path. It’s the unknown which can make these all seem very daunting. But without even blinking, we change our mindset to adapt to the new behaviour. We subconsciously find ways to manage these difficult aspects of each change as it comes along. If we can manage to put in all this effort on the daily, I’m sure we can apply the same thinking to single use plastic bag ban. We humans are a resilient bunch. We love to challenge the status quo. Let’s challenge the brain to find new and better ways to perform at work or to simply bag groceries.

The recurring theme emerging here is that one small step can change the way we all think. Baby step after baby step and things only become easier. Small steps lead to bigger change and I for one believe in this movement. Once we alter our mindset, our behaviours evolve and before you know it, we’ll be taking those reusable green bags for granted! Well maybe not that extreme….but we got this!!

Alana Black – Corporate Services Manager

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