Happy employees are more productive, creative and are motivated to go to work early every day. They are valuable team players.

But how do we keep employees happy?

How do we keep them motivated despite the deadlines and pressure that day to day work brings.

According to Gretchen Rubin, a New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project, there are simple ways that can keep employees happy and motivated.

  1. Learn how to appreciate and recognise progress

Leaders of organisation should pause and highlight milestones of employees. Make sure that their efforts are always recognised and rewarded. A simple “thank you” or a “good job” will do. These simple statements can bring about positive effect on anyone.

  1. Create an atmosphere of belongingness

To be happy at work, create a workplace where employees can feel that they belong. Employees need to have friends that they can confide to when work is getting stressful and also to share their good news or important milestones. People who feel that they belong in a group tends to produce positive results.

  1. Get to know employees

Leaders should take interest in knowing their employees. Employees who feel that their bosses care about them tend to be more engaged at work.

  1. Make your workplace a fun place

    Wouldn’t it be great?!

Let employees have fun or joke around occasionally. This can help create an atmosphere of belonging.

  1. Give employees some time off

Work can sometimes be demanding. Leaders should be sensitive with the need for time off of their employees. If they feel that their employees are working too hard, they should give them some time off to spend with themselves or with their loved ones. This will help them to recharge and be motivated again to work.

  1. Encourage them to exercise and get enough sleep

Employees who are healthy, are happy employees. Leaders should be the first to encourage them to get enough sleep, and promote healthy lifestyle. Employees who are well slept and physically fit, are more focused, creative and energetic.

It is not always about promotion or high salary raise that can make employees happy. Sometimes these simple things can keep them motivated and happy. The most important thing is that leaders should know how to take good care of its employees. If you take good care of your employees they will take good care of your business.

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Crisel Fernandez 

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