Finding the perfect job or the perfect employee can be as hard as finding blood in a stone if you don’t have a recruitment manager who has your back. But what does it really take to satisfy a candidate? Here we uncover the truth about what candidates really want.

The heart and soul of quality recruitment management is candidate experience. And, as one of the most competitive markets around, it is the candidates who hold the power. The power to advertise. The power to apply. The power to accept or reject.

As recruitment managers, it is us who vies for the attention of the fish once the line has been cast out. It is us who searches for the talent and it is us who delivers the results. With the eye on the prize (i.e. filling a position) it can be tempting to lose sight of candidate experience along the way. But this is the measure of a great recruiter.

When it comes to mastering a satisfied job candidate, there are important elements to meet. And it really does not take rocket science to figure out exactly what candidates want from recruiters. A job, yes. But the way they are treated in the process and the relationship you build with a candidate weighs heavily on the end result.

Whether a corporate agency or an individual looking for the perfect employee, here are three key elements to help answer the question of what candidates really want from recruiters.

#1 Communication

Job hunting can be a daunting or time-consuming process for some people. The last thing they need on top of this is stress created from the application process. Effective communication is integral for setting quality candidate experience. So, what can you do to improve communication?

Timely responses

If unsuccessful, candidates would much rather know they are not moving forward in an application process than sitting around waiting for news. And with the assistance of automated services like applicant tracking software (ATS), there is not really much excuse for this anymore.

Candidates want responses in a timely manner.

* Tip: if you want more low-down about ATS, just get in touch with our team

Be upfront

If an application process is going to involve several steps or stages, or there is a delay in processing for some reason, be upfront with candidates. This enables a candidate the opportunity to pull their application if they need urgent employment. It also provides them a clear indication on the processing time so they are not kept guessing where you are at with hiring.

Be regular

Regardless of the expectation with timeframes, remember to provide regular updates as soon as there is any news to share. If there has been no progress over an extended time, keep your candidates informed of the progress of their application.

#2 Honesty

You expect a candidate to be honest as part of their application process and it is important you reciprocate the favour.

Candidates expect honesty in terms of clear employer expectations and role requirements, but they also appreciate additional information that could help them prepare for the interview process. Do you have news about recent wins or losses at the company, the culture or the team morale perhaps?

#3 Being valued

Serious candidates want their time and effort of applying for a job valued. Feedback is an essential part of this.

Whatever the end result, seek out and offer candidates feedback from the employer. Was there a skill they need to improve on to be considered for a similar role in the future? Could they have presented themselves better or provided more tangible evidence about their experience in a similar role?

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So, in the end what do candidates really want from recruiters?

Efficient job recruitment is not just about finding the perfect job. It is also about providing premium support and true value for a candidate’s time and effort. Our companies mission statement is “We believe in the inherent goodness of people and that good people make a great organisation” – so if you are looking for premium candidate care or seeking out your new employee, get in touch with our team at Optimum Consulting. We are committed to supporting individuals and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Alicia Sumich

Group Manager

Business Development

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