The last few months have brought a lot of change to my every day life. I never thought that things could change so dramatically within a day. Monday was a day like any other. I would go to work, have face to face interviews, lunch with my colleagues and go to my soccer training. On Tuesday, I started working from home, interviewing over Skype and all social sports activities had been cancelled. I had to let go of things that were part of my day to day routine and had to completely adapt to this new way of life. At first, I was very sceptical, and I did not think that it would be an easy transition, however, looking back now, I was merely just comfortable doing things the way I always have.

I recently watched a Netflix documentary about the mighty Chicago Bulls and I loved it. It showed me how important hard work and dedication are and that it takes a team to achieve something special. Even though there is no I in team, all players are individuals and you get the best out of them in different ways. The same applies to organisations during this period of change and uncertainty.

Phil Jackson

Phil has the hardest job on the team. As the main guy, he has selected this group of players way before the season (in our case COVID-19) and it is up to him to get the most out of them. He needs to make sure that they work together to achieve the overall goal and that they get their support. In this environment, it is an extra challenge, but if you know your players i.e. your employees, you know how to get the most out of them even if you aren’t physically working in the same office together.

Dennis Rodman & Scottie Pippen

Dennis and Scottie are two very different players. One is very extraordinary and the other is the quiet one on the team but they have one thing in common. They need support from their teammates to make them feel part of the group. They are both going through different struggles adjusting to the new “now”. Dennis might struggle without his teammates around him that would talk to him and give him guidance to become that better version of himself. Scottie does not mind the change, however, especially in recruitment, it can get hard. Scottie is that type of person that goes through a few downs but does not speak up and ask for the support. Especially with working from home where you cannot see the emotions you would normally see in the workplace, it is hard to read people and an easy way out for them is to say, yeah I’m ok even though they really are not. In those moments it is the work of the Phil’s, Dennis’ or Michael’s to notice and help to get them back on track.

Michael Jordan – Me (just kidding I am more like Dennis Rodman)

The first thing that came to my mind when we were told that we will start working from home was productivity. I live with my partner, who has recently started doing her Masters in Secondary Education. I remember thinking that I will not be productive while working from home.  I assumed that there will be so many distractions around me that I would struggle to focus on my job. Probably very similar to MJ when he was told that he needs to trust his teammates to win championships. It is very hard to adjust and change your mindset right away but guess what… if you want to be successful, you have to do it. I have adjusted to the new way and found my rhythm. Same with MJ when the Bulls won their first championship. MJ changed his game, and it paid off.

All in all, people are the key asset of each organisation and if they work together as a team, they can achieve something special even during unprecedented times.

Marek Madle – Consultant

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