COVID-19 has affected our economy, businesses and our society in so many ways. We were initially in disbelief – is this really happening? Companies are making redundancies and restructuring, businesses are looking at ways to try to sustain their profit and ride through these difficult times, and socially we are experimenting with new ways of working.

But always through difficult times comes opportunity; opportunity to rethink business models, opportunity to rethink strategies, contract areas that aren’t profitable and bolster divisions that are or certainly have the potential to grow going forward.

Companies are looking at how they have done business, in particular international business, looking at different models, combined with different ways of thinking and working. These companies, in my opinion, will be the ones to thrive over time.

One of the most important aspects critical to a businesses’ success is its people.

Every morning when I walk into our office here at Optimum Consulting, there is a sign that I read every single day:

‘We believe in the inherent goodness of people and that good people make great organisations.’

I live by this sign and believe it. This is the first step.

Companies now have access to candidates that they may have not been able to previously.

We will come out the other side of COVID-19, just as we did with the recession and GFC, and the companies that are ahead of the curve in terms of future proofing, will be the ones that benefit.

There have been some great success stories to come out of difficult times and this will be no different for the leaders and companies that take a longer term view.

If businesses attract the right talent, this is the first step to future success. People with a high moral compass, ethics, integrity but also being able to think outside the square and most of all, resilience.

Being able to trade through difficult times and bring a higher level of talent to the organisation is paramount.

There are candidates that are comfortable and secure in their companies and where they are heading career wise, but with COVID-19, comes uncertainty and job losses for a lot of people. A situation that they haven’t asked for but a great time for employers.

Another step is as well as looking ‘outside’, critically evaluate who you have ‘inside’ when making future plans and see who has the capability to be able to step up and be adaptable and help shape your business going forward.

Many exceptional candidates are still getting desirable jobs despite this downturn and they are snapped up quickly. There are businesses out there that are still hiring and still growing with the future in mind.

Good candidates will always get jobs irrespective of what is happening in the economy.

If we only ran businesses the way we do during the difficult times, imagine how much better off we would be if we applied those same principles in growth times. Hiring exceptional talent is the first place to start!

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Marianne Savas
Divisional Manager

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