its june 2021 already

Einstein famously quoted “Time flies when you’re having fun” but is it also when you’re busy? I think most people you speak with will shake their head in disbelief (and hopefully a little gratitude) remembering June 2020. It was undeniably bleak, and many felt disenfranchised by this Covid-19 chestnut we were handed. We have certainly pushed through as a nation and doing astonishingly well, compared to others. We are fortunate to benefit from Government support, a strong economy, and that quintessential Australian trait of simply not giving up. It’s good to be busy.

As we approach 2021’s halfway point, I offer some subtle points to help you reflect (irrespective if you are a client, candidate or even an Optimum Consulting employee). Reflect on where you are right now, what you’ve achieved in the last (almost) six months, and importantly what you want to achieve, improve, change or where you’d like to be in the next six months….

  1. All relationships in your life are perishable, they require work and effort. Your friendships, colleagues, subordinates, your spouse, and business partners… remember relationships respond well to the effort made.

  2. Look alive! Be concise and maintain a well-intentioned purpose. Personally, and professionally. Have a core principle and/or set of goals and review them regularly.

  3. Don’t be parsimonious. You often need to spend money to make money. This could be investing in your business via a revised recruitment strategy or HR solution, or investing in yourself via various assessments, training needs analysis and career coaching.

  4. Acceptance that you are both the driver and passenger of your vessel. Do and be the best you can, but also accept you must sometimes accept what is, and just go with the flow.

  5. Love your frontal lobe, it gives us capacity to change anything. Have you contemplated changing jobs? Perhaps a complete career change? Or, in your business – do you want or believe you need to make some changes?

I offer the reader congratulations on what I’m sure has been a wonderful year so far, but I also suggest we sharpen our pencils and be motivated by what lies ahead. Think about your goals, what aspects of yourself or business you may wish to change or improve. What reflections do you want to enjoy on December 31st? If you would like to discuss your talent acquisition strategy or your career, Optimum Consulting provide comprehensive and in-depth HR solutions, for the individual and for the business. We’re always open for a discussion.

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