How to Get Maximum Value from Job Hunting in the New Normal

What does the new normal look like for job seekers? It is a chance to transform any ups and downs of job hunting into self-evaluation for boosting your skills and education. See 3 quick tips to maximise your efforts.

The world has been through voluminous changes over the past year, and there is no doubting this. Along with many of these changes, the job market has seen plenty of ups and downs. Working from home, working less, working more, or not working at all. Since ‘COVID’ became an everyday term, the employment scene has sat at cross-roads of renumeration and full-time job hunting. And although it has become very busy at the intersection, the market is looking up.

Life has changed. The job market has changed. The need to adapt and learn new skills has become more vital. Manufacturers have gone above and beyond to create unfamiliar, in-demand products. Restauranteurs and hospitality pros have jumped head-first into e-commerce. And almost everyone in almost every office has had to “dial in” at some point during the pandemic. But we have all had to learn there is a new normal; at least for now.

Being thrown into an uncertain landscape of job hunting, or just ‘getting by’ can be an emotional and intimidating experience. But optimism is a power much above anything, and to forge ahead it is important to stay abreast of your own strengths and vulnerabilities.

Whether you are a job hunter or a job keeper; possessing valuable knowledge, gaining helpful tips, and embracing fresh perspectives will help keep your head above the water in the job market.

From a recruitment consultant’s point of view, following are three of my top tips to help job seekers get the most from their efforts while job searching.

#1 Don’t Sit on It, Squeeze It!

Treat this journey of time as a learning curve and squeeze out value of every aspect you are doing right now. Following are some general examples of how you could approach this as a job seeker.

  1. Boost your organisational skills by setting up personal job alerts on online platforms. Online platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Seek, and Smart Jobs offer these opportunities at no cost.
  • Practice your office skills by creating an Excel spreadsheet of your job applications and their progress. If you are a novice in Excel, try researching how to set up additional spreadsheeting aids, such as filters and sorts, to improve your skills. To help get you started, take a look at these easy Excel tips, tricks and hacks.
  • Maintain a list of feedback from your job applications to work on your strengths and weaknesses. Can you see a common denominator on what you need to improve to get another step further? Has someone offered you advice specifically that you should work on?
  • Read online forums and subscribe to news content relevant to your industry to keep up-to-date on specific news and current affairs. Pay special attention to any new openings that could be in the pipeline and that you can prepare for.
  • Register for free seminars or educational sessions that could improve your skills, boost your confidence, or contribute to your overall health and wellbeing.

#2 Be Network Savvy

It may not be a skill that everyone is great at, but networking can often be key to job-hunting success. And hey, it could be a new asset that you develop really well with practice!

Whether locked in, locked out or locked down, LinkedIn is a valuable tool for career-minded individuals and professionals who want to build their tribe or network. Virtual networking can often have just as much impact as converging with someone in the flesh too. And the great news is that you don’t have to leave the house or the office to network on LinkedIn.

For more advice and help with your LinkedIn profile and networking efforts, take a look at my article how to create a winning LinkedIn profile.

#3 Register with a Professional Recruitment Agency

If you like the sound of someone else looking out for your best interests, then enlist the help of a professional recruitment agency.

A recruitment agency can offer valuable tips and insights that you alone may overlook. A recruitment agency can also match your work style, personal and work interests, and preferred pay rate, to potential jobs. Our team at Optimum Consulting offer a unique integration of consulting experience, proprietary technology, and a focus on people with a dedication to customer experience. You get the job-seeking help you need, when you need.

When it comes to job seeking, be ready and be set to go – at any time. No one knows where this road to the new normal will eventually lead us all. For now, be genuine, keep networking, stay organised, and remain positive for a future that will be enhanced for all the right reasons.

With years of knowledge under our belt, the team at Optimum Consulting can help with your job searching, and recruitment, efforts. Just speak with one of our talent acquisition experts for more information. Get started here.

Alicia Sumich
Group Manager – Business Development

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