In a fiercely competitive world, there is one constant: talent is essential to business success.

The right talent acquisition strategy and process – the ability to identify, attract and retain the best talent who drive business success – can significantly impact competitive advantage.

Optimum Consulting Group services provide a proven process and deep industry expertise, we adopt a process aligned to executive search or headhunting rather than the traditional 360-degree consulting.

This means that we are able to attract passive candidates alongside the active pool; the time spent is more on assessing candidates for culture fit as well as technical skills – our experienced consultants have more time to do this to ensure candidates we present are aligned to your business.

Optimum uses specialised, innovative sourcing strategies, tied to your business strategy to maximise results. We use optimised technologies that not only reduce administrative cost; but also provide a better candidate experience. We also tap into the passive candidate pool, where the real quality talent lies.

Once candidates have been identified, our experienced consultants take the time to get to know them. In a connected world finding people is easy but screening and assessing candidates to ensure the right culture fit is the hard part. Optimum apply a proven process using competency based questioning to ensure the right technical and soft skills match the role and organisational culture.

As time is important we only present candidates that fit the brief. We do not believe in presenting anyone who we do not think will match.

Optimum believes the candidate experience is critical. We inform our candidates every step of the way and build long lasting relationships. This helps with our passive talent pool and referral channel.


Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is critical to attracting, retaining and engaging quality people. Optimum Consulting can help advise on implementing or ensuring your EVP is working. We also assess recruitment methodologies to ascertain level of effectiveness and identify areas for further cost efficiencies. A “recruitment needs” analysis can be conducted to assist with forward planning. We will work with you to identify organic growth, seasonal requirements and any extraordinary events that will impact your recruitment needs and the productive use of internal resources.

Psychometric assessments also add immeasurable value to the recruitment process, particularly when integrated with evidence from interviews and performance checks. Optimum Consulting offers a wide range of psychological tests to enhance the selection process, including personality, general aptitude, verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning, management potential, sales preference indicators and vocational orientations.



In 2014 Optimum Consulting partnered with Kinetic Innovative Staffing to help offer operational efficiencies to our clients. Kinetic helps employers gain access to a large pool of highly skilled employees based in the low cost labour market of the Philippines. Kinetic will help organisations realise the benefits of offshore staff and stay ahead of the competition. To understand more about how Kinetic can help your business please speak to one of our consultants or visit their website

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