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Then and Now…..

Is this the toughest recruitment market I’ve seen? I’ve been asked this question a couple of times over the past month by senior candidates and my answer, is no. It is certainly not a rewarding time to be in recruitment when we are competing with a slowing economy, stronger internal recruitment teams and larger agencies

Depth of Talent and Risk

When it comes to sport, Australia has punched above its weight for some time.  Despite our less than stellar results at the 2012 London Olympics compared to our gold medal hauls in Sydney, Athens and Beijing, our per capita medal count is impressive.  Our elite athletes are exceptionally talented, well trained and given every opportunity

A Cold Approach

Campbell Newman’s freeze on government is definitely a hot topic and working in Recruitment we are certainly seeing its effects. Applications to advertisements are increasingly consisting of government employees and candidates are calling from their current government position with fears of unemployment. Family and friends of those working in the public sector are seeing its

Is The Answer In Our Own Backyard?

Why are we employing foreign workers when good old fashion Aussies cannot get work in the resources? I was shocked when I was listening to the news earlier this week to hear how the resources sector now has approval to source foreign workers as they are having trouble filling jobs. I truly cannot believe this

Today Is Spring and I Cannot See It

With the ‘freeze’ on employment currently happening in the Queensland government we are all anticipating hundreds of contractors to slowly trickle into the market until it is suddenly flooded with plenty of ‘hot to trot’ candidates. I started thinking about how competitive the market is going to become and it reminded me of a previous

It’s the Little Things in Life.

It seems recently what people in the workforce are looking for in regards to job satisfaction has changed. What I’ve learned over the years is that it’s not necessarily the wages or the fringe benefits that makes an employee loyal to a company. So what is it that makes an employee loyal? I don’t claim

What makes you the employer of choice?

Today while driving to work I was listening to a talk on the top ten companies to work for in Australia. Apparently the survey covered over 7000 people with the outcome being that Newcrest Mining topped the charts followed closely second by the ABC. No surprises the resources sector is highly sought after at the

Turbulent Times: A Great Opportunity To Trade Up

The past week has been a really interesting time for me. I have had a full week in our Brisbane office from Perth and have spoken to a great number of clients and the message that I have received from them has been pretty consistent. With the exception of one client (who is in a

What sectors are moving in 2012?

As we are now approaching the start of the second quarter for the calendar year, this can often be a time when active and passive job seekers look to explore new job opportunities in the market. Professionals with various backgrounds from Accounting, IT, HR to Risk Management and from a diverse range of industry sectors