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This might not necessarily be a post you would see coming from an HR consulting company, however, when my better half proposed early last year and I ecstatically said YES!, it did become my reality for over a year. “Keep calm, you got this, and do not turn into a Bride-zilla” were words I told myself often. 

In hindsight, I did reasonably well in managing full time work, planning an overseas wedding and a honeymoon overseas. I was lucky enough to have an immense amount of support from my mother and husband-to-be. It was challenging to not mix work with personal life, but I made it a point to keep my productivity up at work and focus. It truly was easier said than done so there were a couple of points I stood by and now that life has gone back to a level of normalcy, I will continue to stick by these points.

So, for all of you facing big “life-projects”, here is what helped me. I hope it helps you. 

Organise your time and stick to it.

When planning the wedding kicked into full gear, it was important that I stayed very disciplined with my time. This helped me focus and not get lost in the millions of things and the massive ‘to-do’ list going through my mind. I was lucky enough to have a Manager that understood and gave directions as to how best I should organise my time. At the end of the day, I would plan for the day ahead by keeping the required material ready and breaking my day up into key focus areas.

Set specific time for discussions 

This point was directed to myself and everyone involved in the planning. I found myself waiting for calls, miscommunication occurring and overall frustration. This was solved by setting specific times to discuss topics. It ensured that everyone was available, deadlines were not missed and full attention is received. 

Set an agenda and summarise

On most days, I didn’t have time for repeated conversations or missed deadlines. To overcome this, I sent agendas to vendors prior to planned calls and followed up with a summary of the conversation. This ensured that everyone was being held accountable and work was delivered on time.


Communication is key. Again, this applied to everyone interacting with myself and the vendors. When so many things are happening around you, it is only you that knows how to best prioritise and plan. It’s also yourself that knows things are getting overwhelming and you need a mental break. Keep the relevant parties in the loop and you will find yourself avoiding unrealistic expectations. 

Use your support network 

There is help available. However, when you take ownership of something you are passionate about, it is not an obvious realisation. I was lucky to have found support in my family and friends. Lean on them to get smaller tasks done and show your appreciation. 

And finally….

A personal “life-project” be it a wedding or DIY project will be time consuming. However, it is your passion or dreams that fuel it. The topic will find its way into conversations and others will contribute their opinions. Take the productive advice on board and show your gratitude.

Also, remember to follow your passion and goal to ensure personal satisfaction.

Chaanya Fernando


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