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Sweden has its enhanced parental rights, including generous maternity and paternity leave; Norway its £300 billion Pension Fund from oil; and Denmark has been able to lead the world in onshore wind technology. And what do they have in common? They are all small independent states. Independence will allow Scotland to take decisions in Scotland that will improve the lives of families, communities and individuals across our country. With independence Scotland will have the ability to solve their own problems and to make the most of the very many opportunities open to all Scots. It will allow the people to build a stronger nation and a better future for all.

Or will it?

I love Scotland. I am ambitious for Scotland’s people and Scotland’s possibilities. The case is not that Scotland could not survive as a separate country – it is that there’s a better choice for the nation’s future.

A strong Scottish Parliament within the United Kingdom gives the best of both worlds: real decision making power in Scotland, as well as a key role in a strong and secure UK. Now and in the future Scotland is stronger as part of the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom is stronger with Scotland as a partner.

In the UK the BBC and the Bank of England were founded by Scotsmen. The NHS was founded by a Welshman. The State Pension system was founded by an Englishman. Partners in these islands. Working together, better together.

We are proud that we fought together to defeat fascism, and worked together to build a welfare state. But the case we make is about what’s best for Scotland’s future.

What does independence mean?

Independence is about making Scotland more successful. At its most basic, it is the ability to take our own decisions, in the same way as other countries. Scotland is a society and a nation. No one cares more about Scotland’s success than the people who live here and that, ultimately, is why independence is the best choice for our future.

With independence it is thought people can work together to make Scotland a more ambitious and dynamic country. An environment could be created where the existing and new private industries can grow more easily. There would be economic levers to create new jobs and take full advantage of a second, green energy windfall. And instead of many young people having to leave Scotland to fulfill their ambitions they would be able to stay and take advantage of the increased opportunities there. Scotland will be able to address the priorities of people in Scotland, from better state pensions to universal free childcare. Scotland could do even more to lead the world in areas like renewable energy and tackling climate change, and play it’s part in creating a more peaceful and stable world. Independence will make Scotland a better place to live.

Or will it?

The UK government will not move to block a referendum on Scottish independence, the Secretary of State for Scotland has said. Liberal Democrat MP Michael Moore said there would not be constitutional questions raised about the rights or wrongs of holding a vote. The newly-elected majority SNP Scottish government intends to bring forward a referendum in its five-year term. The Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems all oppose independence.

I think it will happen and I am opposed the independence vote.

Robbie Macleod – Senior Consultant

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