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Regular readers of our blogs will know that Optimum has recently celebrated our ten year anniversary of business. This was a cause of great happiness and mirth for the company in general and it gave me and my team an opportunity to plan the decade ahead. We have some big plans and I hope to share some with you right now.

Last year, I was challenged by one of my team members as to whether our brand actually accurately reflected what we do in 2013. This set me back on my heels a little; only 18 months ago I had spent quite a bit of money on a new logo and a new website and I was shocked to be challenged with this question. On reflection however it proved to be a very pertinent question. Our business name Optimum Recruitment was quiet restrictive; it implied that we only did recruitment.

Optimum has grown considerably over the past few years and our service offerings are now far beyond pure recruitment. This is certainly not to down play the importance of recruitment to the group. Recruitment is, and will always be, a key foundation of the business and has grown year upon year. However, due to the increased number of services we are providing, we had to change our business name to better reflect the business we have become.

As of February 11 this year, Optimum Recruitment Group will be known as Optimum Consulting Group and this will reflect all of the services we now offer. At the same time we are launching  a new service offering which will be  led by Jason Buchanan, called Optimum Insights. Optimum Insights allows our clientele to measure and improve the dimensions which lead to improved business performance, including employee engagement ,commitment and ‘talent productivity’.  At Optimum, we recognise the need to partner with our clients to improve the retention of talent as well as the attraction of talent. Optimum Insights will certainly play a pivotal role within our existing suite of consulting services including Genesys online psychometric testing, provision of temporary solutions, interim management solutions, remuneration benchmarking, talent assessments, cultural evaluations, providing counsel on organisational structures, outplacement, remote staffing solutions, payroll services and providing counsel on available talent and cultural alignment during merger and acquisition activity.

We have been providing this wide range of human capital solutions for some time now.  For at least nine of our ten years of existence, we have operated across a relatively broad range of employment consultancy services. The name change is purely to reflect this and align our brand to what we do and who we are. The recruitment industry is changing and changing at a rapid rate and we need to adapt with it. The overall “employment experience” begins well before a recruitment transaction and finalises well after it and we decided to provide services the whole way along this spectrum to better become a true trusted partner to our customers.

So, while we will officially be known under a new banner, it will be, by and large, business as usual within the Optimum Group. I look forward to talking to as many of you as possible about the developments outlined in this blog over the coming weeks and months and introducing our expanded service lines to you. Should you have any questions relating to this, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our consultants in any of our offices or contact me directly. Thanks for your support over the past decade and thanks for your support into the future.

Brad McMahon – Managing Director

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