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Building a flexible workforce


A growing IT and Software Development company in Brisbane was experiencing a period of rapid growth, however, the leadership team were not sure how sustainable the growth was and were concerned about what might happen if the economic situation deteriorated.

They were considering the use of contractors, but weren’t quite sure precisely how to go about this without disrupting what would continue to be a core internal team.


Working with them, we were able to help on three fronts. The first step was to develop a flexible workforce strategy that would consist of both traditional contractors, but also complemented with remote employees.

The secret here was to first ensure the core team was structured in the right way, and that roles and accountabilities were clear. The next step was to then look at which roles could best be served through contractors and also with remote employees through our Kinetic Innovative Staffing division.

The thing that worked really well was the communication plan we helped to develop which ensured existing team members were fully informed all the way through the process, and understood the benefits. Although the core permanent team continued to increase, the leadership team could sleep better at night knowing that if things changed, they could react swiftly without the headache of a completely permanent workforce.

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