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Improving Employee Accountability


An innovative Wealth Management organisation enjoying organic and acquisition growth, working towards being recognised as an industry Employer of Choice wanted to move away from the traditional annual paper-based performance review and business planning process to something more real-time and regular.

In line with the organisational values, the company wanted to make their employees accountable, goal-orientated and aligned to the overall organisational goals.


After assessing the situation and what objectives the CEO/MD and Senior Leadership Team were looking to achieve, Optimum Consulting implemented their own unique performance platform EmployeeLife in a staggered approach working with the SLT initially, then launching the platform across the organisation.

EmployeeLife consists of three areas to help make a business successful:

1. The communication platform helps connect individual employees at the team, group and organisational level.

2. The Goal Setting capability ensures that each employee has clear, specific, measurable goals that are visible across any area of the business and aligned to the overall organisational strategy.

3. The Work Log and pulse survey functions offer real time feedback mechanisms used for feedback on performance, ensuring that employees know their success and managers can act on any performance issues quickly.

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  • The organisation is more transparent with each others goals and objectives. Employees are more aligned with each individual knowing what they need to accomplish to achieve the organisations goals.
  • Managers, the SLT and CEO has regular information and know how their team is feeling and tracking against key goals.
  • The annual performance review is paperless and regular: this in turn has increased accountability across the organisation.
  • Communication and inter-team collaboration has improved.
  • Engagement levels have increased across the business which is leading to productivity
  • improvements.

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