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Improving Employee Experience


A large multi-campus University had already realised that employee experience would be a major differentiator in the battle to attract the best talent. The problem was that each of their major departments was given the flexibility to manage their teams in the way they best saw fit, which meant a single University-wide approach would not be suitable.

What they really needed was a flexible approach that could recognise this decentralisation of responsibility whilst also being able to measure and understand University-wide challenges.


Optimum’s employee experience measuring tool – Employee Life – was called into action. Each department was provided with access and could do their own thing, however results could also be aggregated for questions that were commonly asked across the University. However arguably the biggest differentiator over the competition was that Optimum can also provide expertise about what actions to take. Measurement is only one part of the equation, and whilst a technology tool is useful, it is what happens next that really matters.

Each department within the University is enjoying this flexibility whilst still being able to be part of the One-University mantra.

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