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Providing Talent That Adds Impact


The West-Moreton and Oxley Medicare Local had developed like the other Medicare Locals out of a Federal Labour initiative to drive healthcare out of the hospital system that was creating pressure points within the system.

Specifically Allied Healthcare was pushed back into the community with local General Practioners etc. creating a more streamlined and effective approach to community and indigenous healthcare whilst providing a hospital mechanism free from ‘log-jams’.

The West-Moreton and Oxley Medicare Local was one of the largest in Australia with a considerable geographical footprint taking in Ipswich and surrounding areas.

It was unique in that its audience included both suburban and rural healthcare considerations which are very different in terms of dispensing an effective healthcare regime.


The “brief” was to recruit through the Chairperson and the board a Chief Executive Officer to replace the existing individual who had taken the organisation through its initial growth.

The Board needed the individual to strategically grow the organisation exponentially providing a framework of support for the local community with a strong emphasis on the Indigenous community.

“Closing the Gap” was a priority strategy which was been promoted by the Federal and State Health departments, so the appointment of the CEO required an exponent of current health care trends across the entire community not simply someone who was urban centric.

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Our “search” resulted in one such exponent and the engagement made significant impact in a first-class operation focused on providing what was a complex array of services throughout the region.

The West-Moreton and Oxley Medicare local was heralded for its many achievements and excellence in the provision of Allied Healthcare platforms.

From an extensive search of Healthcare practitioners to taking the framework of an existing organisation and projecting it to a level of service and community engagement that had not been seen before.


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