Take team effectiveness to a new level.

Through our 50% ownership of Kinetic Innovative Staffing, we have placed over 600 remote workers in the Philippines working full time with Australian companies, complementing their existing teams. Think of this as an option where staff members are working in the team, just in a different location.

The recruitment process is identical to what you would already know. The role is created, we search for suitable candidates, interviews take place online, and people are hired. We take care of the payroll and support, and you integrate them into the team just like any other team member.

Common examples of positions that are currently working with Australian companies include:

  • Marketing Assistants
  • Architect and Design Support
  • Software Programmers
  • Software QA and Testing
  • SEO specialists
  • Any position that doesn’t require a physical presence

To find out if remote employees can also benefit your organisation, please contact us.

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