One of the most sought after organisational outcomes in the modern workplace is to retain high-quality staff (particularly High Potentials and High Performers).

Optimum Consulting can provide organisations with strategies to help keep the people they have invested in and trained including career path, goal alignment.  We can enable performance management processes, offer advice on effective people management techniques including learning and development trends.

We offer advice on aligned packages of development rewards and recognition, market research into what the competitive landscape looks like, offering advice on retention tactics across different industries, age groups and demographics as well as how these drivers vary among critical segments of your employee population

Using our own EmployeeLife platform Optimum Consulting can implement change management strategies to help organisations communicate change effectively to increase employee retention rates through a volatile time.

Salary Benchmarking and Advice

In today’s turbulent climate, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends and developments. With our strong understanding of market trends and remuneration across different industries, we can provide consulting advice on market rates as well as benchmarking for specific assignments.

Organisational Design and Facilitation

Organisational behaviour has evolved in the current landscape and operational effectiveness has never been more critical. Optimum Consulting works with clients to design and facilitate structural and organisational change against organisational capabilities to minimise the impact of change whilst maximising the efficiency of outcomes for business success.

Payroll Services

Optimum Consulting Group can provide outsourced payroll for temporary and permanent employees, invoiced weekly, including overseeing annual leave, tax, PAYG and super contributions in line with government requirements and assist with your year-end process, ensuring your payroll is compliant with the latest legislation, tax and super requirements.

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