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“Hey, how ya doing? Sorry you can’t get through. Why don’t you leave your name and a number and I’ll get back to you”

I was only 2 year’s old when De La Soul released their song “Ring Ring Ring (Ha ha hey)” in 1991 but I still know the words. Well not all of the words, but the chorus at least.

You may be thinking that this is a strange way to begin a blog but it points to something that consultants such as myself, come across every day in our jobs – leaving a message on a phone. Really, how hard could it be?

Our job as an employment consultant means that we are constantly on the phones communicating with our candidates, colleagues and clients. If we can’t speak with them we simply leave a message and wait for a return phone call. On the flip side if we are away on an appointment we usually come back to our desks to see a little blinking green light on our phones.

This little green light can bring with it feelings of excitement, fear, dread, confusion and joy, all of these emotions building to a climax until that moment when you listen and find out who it was and why they were calling. This moment brings me to my point of utter frustration, when smart, capable human beings cannot leave a simple and straight forward voicemail.

Before I make any phone call I have a point in mind and a goal that I want to achieve; a reason I am calling. This is what I leave on the voicemail along with my name, company and phone number. I try to leave the message in a clear, concise and professional manner so that there is no confusion on the other end when the intended recipient listens to it.

What I really bugs me is when people waffle on in a voicemail giving long-winded and meaningless information that is wasting everyone’s time. To compound my frustration, after listening for 35 minutes to this waffling voicemail the person rattles off their 10 digit phone number in half a second…. CRAP! Now I have to listen the message ALLLLLL over again to try and discern that mumble at the end of the voicemail.

It may seem like a silly blog and I do write this a little tongue in cheek, however, it’s something to think about. When you’re leaving a voicemail for someone, keep it short, to the point and a word to the wise…. Repeat your phone number at the end so you make sure they can write it down properly!

Rant over 🙂

Isaac Dufficy – Consultant

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