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I’m Available Immediately……But!

I’m available immediately…. But, I have a 2 week notice period….. As a Recruitment Consultant, I deal with people’s notice periods on a daily basis. It makes up one of the ‘must ask’ questions in every interview. It is an important part of the process and a vital piece of information that can sometimes make

Is It Time For A Career Change?

I attended a breakfast event not long ago when I saw a short video that resonated with me. The video was an advertising campaign by Seek looking at employee satisfaction and how we can live and achieve more fulfilling and productive working lives. The video also encourages people to reflect on their work choices and

More Than Just A Paycheck

Who gets excited on a Monday? Who jumps out of the bed and says yes thank God it’s Monday and runs to work excited to get started? Although I wonder if this really happens, I’m sure a lot of people are thankful and overwhelmed with gratitude that every day they wake up and they’ve got work to do.