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Transitioning from Public Sector to Private Enterprise

Are you jumping ship from public sector to private enterprise … how does this make you feel? Apprehensive? Scared? Uncertain? Interested? I have recently made this transition and although it was overwhelming and daunting at times, it has also been very exciting and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I took a

Flexibility Is The Key To Finding Talent

I had the good fortune of speaking with a long term client yesterday about his recruiting needs for 2012. I first started recruiting for this client in 1997 and he is now the Chief Executive Officer of a mining services business. He is planning to recruit a couple of Project Managers, Knew, Essie quick non

Could You Recruit For The Most Powerful Job In The World?

I have just had the pleasure of spending the best part of last week in our Perth office. As well as experiencing some of the most beautiful weather and blue skies, I was able to indulge in another one of my favourite pleasures; late night political talk shows. I know that this is a strange

The Coaching “Merry Go Round”

I am writing this blog from our Perth office this week and I just walked past the lunch room and read all about the sacking of Mark Harvey, the former coach of the Fremantle Dockers. For those of you that are not AFL fans, Harvey was sacked just after having breakfast with the CEO, who