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Executive Remuneration State of Play

Executive pay and termination packages have become a focus of public attention. Just ask Ahmed Fahour, CEO of Australia Post. Here at Optimum we have had numerous requests in the last quarter to look at remuneration and have used our survey tool EmployeeLife to help collate some quantitative and qualitative data to help ascertain employees’

Top Tips For A Thriving Business In 2014

As we slide back into work mode after another Christmas break, it is important to take some time to re-group and direct our focus onto the year ahead.  Over the break, most of us are likely to have reflected on 2013, and considered how we could improve and capitalise on opportunities during the coming year.

“The Fish Rots From The Head”

This was the quote that I heard last week from former Australian cricket star Dean Jones, following the dramatic sacking of national coach Mickey Arthur. Now readers of my blogs will be well aware that I am a sports “junkie” – I watch nearly any sport from MMA to diving but cricket does hold a

Attract, Engage, Retain, Develop

“A company is nothing without its staff, they are your greatest assets “ An engaged workforce encourages commitment, energy and productivity from all those involved to help improve company performance. Firstly, the importance of attracting the right staff is key, and in order for your organisation to be competitive and ensure your business goals are

The Year of the Internal Promotion

The past four or so months have seen some of the biggest moves at an executive level that I have seen in years. These moves have covered both business, government and social institutions and they will have a massive impact on the global economy over the next five years. The changes that I am going

Man Under Pressure!

Last week I had an extremely enjoyable and rewarding time in our Perth office. The team over there are really humming and there is a great feeling in the town in general. I always stay in a hotel at one end of the terrace and walk to our office down the other end. As much