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It’s Not About the Coffee!

As a candidate, you may have noticed a trend when interviewing for prospective employment opportunities…that interviews have moved away from traditional company boardrooms, and into the local coffee shop. As a recruiter, I am seeing this more and more– in fact, informal interviews are becoming more common than the structured processes. A number of my

Right People In The Right Jobs!

As a GM one of my aims is to get everyone in my team motivated to achieve goals and make sure all my team are happy, clear about their objectives and know the role they play in the organisation. Although this sounds easy, I am continually finding and hearing from our clients that a lot

The Four Most Important Words I Have Ever Learnt

When I started my recruitment career many years ago with Recruitment Solutions, the world was very different. We did not have email. There was no such thing as Seek. Twitter was just a typo for those who were unable to spell twit. As for LinkedIn? Yes, the tools at the disposal for a young recruiter

Recruiting – Save Money, Time and Headaches by Thinking Ahead

Most of the recruiting assignments I run on behalf of my clients are what I’d call ‘reactive’ because they are largely unplanned and usually replacing someone who has left or is in the process of leaving their company.  Very few assignments are planned far in advance and truly tap into the highest quality candidate pools

Can They Really Stand The Heat?

Change is occurring at a pace and complexity that we have never experienced throughout the history of civilisation. Recently, Prime Minister Turnbull used his maiden speech as Prime Minister to speak of the opportunities created by disruptive technologies. The “threat” of robotic innovations means that a number of jobs will be obsolete within the next

Recruiting – Making The Right Decision

Recruitment is a human function.  Gut feel still plays a major role in most hiring decisions, despite the many attempts to put science around it.  Skills based performance testing, psychological assessments and the like certainly have a valid role to play in the recruitment process, but at the end of the day recruitment is about

Industry Trends Video – Pre-Employment Screening

Last month, one of Australia’s biggest retailers was fooled by a fabricated CV that boasted extensive retail experience that simply didn’t exist! The question begs to be asked: how did Andrew Flanagan get as far as being appointed and starting work as the General Manager of Strategy and Business Development in a company as big