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Insights and advice on Employee Engagement: Tip #1: Give them Jimi!

When I was a teenager I taught myself how to play the guitar, my father was a huge music fan having been brought up in 1960’s UK experiencing the global cultural change of that era. Music was a great influencer and political tool: bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who all engaged their

Teamwork – Learning from the New Zealand All Blacks, Harvard Research and Ants!

How do the best teams work?  I’ve collated three extremely different reference points to help answer this question. Teamwork is the combined actions of a group of people working together effectively to achieve a goal. So, for most managers in the workplace, the focus on building great teams should be front and centre and I

Memory and Team Performance

Is relying on memory damaging the experience and performance of your team? Many years ago I found myself moving into a Senior Leadership position in a fast-growing global company.  At the time I was horribly unprepared for the experience and essentially had to make things up as I was going along.  It seems learning on

Tips to Mould your Path in HR – From a Recent Graduate.

We all have dreams of careers as kids. Going through high school, the biggest question posed at me was: “What will you be studying at university?” My dreams for a career started with wanting to be a Doctor or a Lawyer. Yes, far-fetched, bold and typical, I know. However, in those days, not so long

Top 5 Myths in Employee and Industrial Relations

April was a record month for our Consulting area, a popular area is around the Employee Relations and Industrial Relations legislation. We are lucky to have our own legal experts as part of our service offering. The team at Optimum Legal have compiled the top 5 ER/IR myths: It is against the law to give

From Chaos to Productivity – 7 Tips!

How many of us work in chaos? How many of us think we do not have enough hours in the day to do our job? At certain points in time all of us! Take a moment to think about a situation when you have been out of control at work: everyone wants a piece of

Are You Winning Gold Medals At Work?

As the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games slowly drifts away into history, it got me thinking about what it takes to put in a Gold Medal performance at work and how to replicate high performance again and again. There’s got to be more to work than just getting paid For many in the workforce, they

Performance, Performance, Performance!!

The time is here (or soon will be) that your HR department will remind you that it is time for you to do your Performance Reviews. Unless you are the lucky people that have changed to a more continuous improvement methodology and performance is a normal. If you are thinking of revamping your performance process

How to aim for (and actually hit) the stars!

After a briefing with an advertising agency and our goals for the coming year, the agency’s managing director came up to me and said, “I like your style. ‘To hit the trees, aim for the stars,’” he said. He was referring to our stretch goals for the year, and he was genuinely impressed that he